Energy & Expansion

Ryan Heller

Listen to the audio version read by Ryan Sirois Heller


We are all connected. One living breathing thriving entity that has existed as a tapestry of collective experience since the very beginning of all that is.

We ebb and flow, we rise and shift and fall and fly in a cosmic dance. We never die, we transform. Reinvent. Have the ability to tell new stories, to redefine our narrative at any given moment. Expansion is about connection, the weaving of our energy with that around us. To choose to live, to ascend, to breathe beyond lung capacity and soar beyond wingspan. Expansion is a limitless destination attune to your voice, to your energy, to your highest frequency.

How do we expand?
How do we connect?
How is our vision significant to the fabric of all that ever was, all that ever will be?
How do I shed the confines of a story that’s already been written?

Sometimes it’s tricky. Sometimes insidious. To grow. To leap. To risk everything just to remember. What it feels like—
To be free
To be you
To throw expectation to the wind and live with no destination—
Just for a minute, just for a moment forget, what it means to be human
And awaken 
To the real you
The whole you
The infinite you
To break beyond the flesh, the bone and tap into your light, your essence, the stardust 
the effervescence 

We silo the self into fragments—into family self, professional self, the fuck up, the child, the wild, the creator, the savior, the annihilator, the sick, the suffering, the holy, the father, the mother, the child, the broken hearted. And if only you knew me, if only you knew the real me you’d understand—if only you knew what was inside me you’d see—

We are more than the body, more than our narrative, more than the light, the shadow, the love, the fear, we are the boundless, the brave, the unbridled, the carefree
You are so much more
And when we connect, even if for a moment, we remember, we feel, we know so clearly who we are, what we are, why we are—
Only then can we breathe
Can our arms lift, can the wind drift beneath our feet and move us. Only then can we fly, can we be, can we tap into alignment with all that is you, all that is me—
To stretch beyond the confines of this body
Beyond the limit of expectation, of should’s and could never be’s
Of every one of life’s impossibilities because it’s all within reach, it’s all a belief away, a truth ready to be written, a lie ready to be erased
More than what you know
You are more than what you know though everything you know is inside you, cocooned in the depths and veils, the layers of insecurity, of possibility, of the untapped, the unexplored, waiting to be set free
To inhale the infinite
And exhale the human
To embrace your energy
To raise your frequency
To expand
To expand
To expand

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